Hiding Tickets (Contents)

Lorens Kockum wrote:

with suid
Apr 19 15:53:27 tickets qmail: 987713607.371668 delivery 313: deferral:

OK, maybe qmail refuses setuid scripts, since they should not
be/are not necessary in the DJB scheme of things.

without suid
Apr 19 15:54:44 tickets qmail: 987713684.392440 delivery 314: success:

Sure, you don’t, you’re the alias user.
Is there a way of setting up RT 2 to send mail (correspondece) messages
actually sending the Ticket itselft. My problem is if I send mail to RT
has attachments, the attachments (i.e not "content-type : text/plain
")can be
viewed without RT. How can I prevent this?