HideGlobalScrips-1.0b1: set global and per-queue Scrip


I like to share my implementation of an RT-extension to disable global
Scrips on a per-queue-basis. You can also disable a global scrip and enable
it for some queue.

The installation procedure is still poor but it worked for me on a new
rt-3-0-6 install with mysql database (innodb). You may have to edit the
Makefile in other cases. You do at your own risk.

Jesse: as always for me, if you like the implementation you may use the
code, modify it and build it into the core-system. Otherwise you can file
it into the contribution area and I will try to maintain the code,
listening to user requests.

I would be glad to hear how some localisation can be nicely distributed
with a installer (should there be one directory per contribution in
local/po? With the help of which tool can I pull out the string resources
to localise from the code?).


HideGlobalScrips-1.0b1.tgz (6.16 KB)