Hide The RT System itself transaction in the ticket history

Hi guys,

Is it possible to hide “The RT System itself” transaction in the ticket history ?
I am using RT 5.0.


You can create a file like /opt/rt5/ local/html/Callbacks/MyCode/Elements/ShowHistoryPage/SkipTransaction

Feel free to change “MyCode” to whatever you’d like. Then the content of the file would be:

if ( $Transaction->Creator eq RT->System->Id ) {
    $$skip = 1;

There is also this extension, it hasn’t been updated for RT5 but it most likely can still work with a little tinkering:

Your code is working fine. Many many thanks!

I tried before with the extension but it was not supported in RT5. I hope it will be ready soon, because it is a very useful filter.


Hey just advising RT::Extension::HistoryFilter works fine after updating rt_too_new to be 5.1.0 in following files: