Hide RTIR Queues

Hello -

We’ve been running RT for years, and it’s wonderful! We have 20+ techs that work in it all day everyday.

I’ve just now installed RTIR (4.0.1) as I’m looking for a system for IR. As it stands, all 20+ techs can see the new RTIR queues (Countermeasures, Incident Reports, Incidents and Investigations). I was really hoping that I could control it so only 5 or 6 of the techs would see the RTIR system. Is this possible?

Going to Admin --> Queues --> <specific RTIR queue> --> Group Rights doesn’t seem to allow me to hide the Queues.

Am I missing something? Or is RTIR simply allowed to all Privileged users?


Do your techs have the ‘SeeQueue’ right globally or on a per queue basis?

craig -

When I go to Admin --> Global --> User Rights, this is what I see:

And this is what I see in the Countermeasures queue (for Group Rights):

So it would seem that I have it set globally?

What is my best path forward? Remove it globally? And then set it per queue and per system/role/user groups?


Yup, that would be the best way to control who can see which queue.

Thanks craig.

I went ahead and made those changes, and everything seemed to work (for the most part). Logging is an Unprivileged user shows all new RTIR queues are not visible now.

However, logging in as a Privileged user shows that all queues are not visible EXCEPT in the ‘New Ticket In’ drop-down. In this drop-down, all new RTIR queues are not visible EXCEPT the ‘Incident Reports’ queue. Oddly enough, the name of the queue isn’t showing itself, rather the queue number (#56 in my scenario) is showing. I’ve poked around the User/Group permissions and nothing is jumping out as problematic to me.




That implies you have CreateTicket permissions on the queue but not SeeQueue.