Hide or overwrite correspondence from email addres in Self Service ticket history


I am trying to make my support staff, who may use personal email addresses
to correspond about tickets completely anonymous.

For when the correspondence is forwarded by email I have overwritten the
from address with our support email which is working great.

However what I cant see how to do is to hide the email address in the
correspondence as shown in the ticket history on the Self Service web

I have searched the forums but can’t find any advice on this, does anyone
know if it possible?

On further investigating, it looks a bit like this file might be the one
to edit…


But I am no perl expert and I can’t work out the syntax, would anyone be
able to comfirm if this is the right file and give an example fo how to
change it?

Would this file control the admin and self service interfaces? Is it
possible to change only the self service interface?

Is there a better way?

Help as always is greatly appreciated.