Hi Is any option to export a report to excel? thanks

Hi Is any option to export a report to excel? I need to export a report to excel of opened ticket with a date range but I dont find any option to do it. I am using version 4.4.2

If you take the TicketSQL that forms the basis of the report and then paste that into a new search, you should then be able to click “Show Results” and select “Spreadsheet” from the “Feeds” menu to get a CSV, which you can then read into Excel (or your spreadsheet of choice).

The answer from GreenJimll should work with your RT as-is. There is also an extension that specifically exports Excel files that you could try: RT::Extension::ExcelFeed

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also RT::Extension::SearchResults::XLS - Add Excel format export to RT search results - metacpan.org

Hi @Jim_Brandt , the extension works well with RT 4.4.3, with RTIR 4.0.1, no download link is presented.
You have some possible solution to this.