Help with {$Ticket->Subject}

RT Version 4.4.1

When we get an Autoreply in the subject line of the email we get the following:

“[ #3] AutoReply: Subject of the ticket”

All I would like to see in the email subject line is:

“Ticket Number 3: Subject of the ticket”

I assume I will have to edit {$Ticket->Subject} in the backend.

  1. you do not have to edit $Ticket->Subject to remove the “AutoReply” word, it is added by the autoreply template, see: Content => 'Subject: AutoReply: {$Ticket->Subject}
  2. you shouldn’t change the tag at the beginning of the ticket, it’s very important to keep reply by email going to the same ticket. (see RT::Interface::Email::AddSubjectTag and RT::Interface::Email::ParseTicketId). But you can configure a different tag in your queue configuration bage (SubjectTag) to change (which is taken from configuration variable $rtname)
  3. you should keep a tag that is unique to your organization if you plan to exchange tickets with other RT instances

Hi elacour,

All I want to show in the subject line of the email is “Ticket Number xxx” Is that possible?

Yes if you modify what I said. But IMHO it’s a bad idea for reasons already givens :wink:

Ok thanks then I will take your advice :slight_smile: