Help with some logic


I hope someone can help.

I have RT 4.2.12 installed with Approvals. I have setup a queue with a
few CF fields for our Change Request System. On some of the fields I
have created custom scrips and templates to let that department know
that they have a CR that they need top look at and possibly action.

I have setup the system as follows:

New CR get created.
During the Approval process, the departments get notified, but an
Approval is also created that is sent to the Change Request team for
Approval or rejection.
After the approval comes through, the CR can be commented and replied on.

As our CR’s need 2 people to look at and authorise the CR’s, I need to
put some code somewhere that will check if the CR has been signed off by
2 people. Can anybody suggest where in the process I can add this check.
Ideally, I would like the people that can sign off CR’s to be notified
as soon as the CR has been approved via the Approvals process.



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