Help with ExternalAuth attributes

Hi all -

I have been able to successfully use LDAP with RT 3.8.7 against our Novell

I have a couple of lingering problems however, hopefully someone will be
able to help. In our eDirectory, the EmailAddress field is not filled in
for any users at all; but obviously I would like to populate the Email
Address within RT. So here’s my problem. The following is code from my

The mapping of RT attributes on to LDAP attributes

‘attr_map’ => { ‘Name’ => ‘uid’,
‘EmailAddress’ => ‘uid’,
‘RealName’ => ‘givenName’,

This code tells RT which values to take from LDAP and populate into RT. So
for the Name value, I’m populating it with the uid value from LDAP (for
example, my uid is mmcgrath). That’s fine for Name, but not for

Does anybody know if it’s possible to append text to one of the LDAP
attributes? Basically, I’m looking to append after the uid to
give RT an actual e-mail address.

I think the is written in perl – of which I am no expert.

I have tried things like:

‘EmailAddress’ => ‘uid’+’ uid’%2B’’,
‘EmailAddress’ => ‘uid’&&’ uid’%26%26’,
‘EmailAddress’ => ‘uid’.’ uid’.’’,

and none of them have worked. They either crash RT or just continue to draw
in uid and that is it.

Any suggestions are appreciated!



Max McGrath
Asst. Network Admin/Systems Specialist
Carthage College