Help with a custom form

I know a bunch of this is really HTML and/or Java, but I bet someone here has done some or all if it already.

I want to make a custom version of the Create and Modify forms. That’s easy enough, but I want a few new things on them too. My HTML skills are minimal, and the only thing I know about Java is that it helps me recover from my hangover a bit faster. That said, help with any and/or all of these would be greatly appreciated.

I want my forms to have, in addition to the standard “CC” and “AdminCC” fields, a bunch of check boxes. These will be for RT groups that I want “CC’d” on the ticket. Check a box, the RT group is added to the CC list. Uncheck it, they aren’t there anymore.

I’d like to code it so that only those RT groups who have queue view rights show up as check boxes.

Since I’m planning lots of groups (each one containing sub-groups) I want to make it so that I can click a check box for one master group and have the interface automagically select all the sub-groups. This is more for asthetics than functionality. I don’t expect my users to know that the “Plant Engineering,” “Network Engineering” and “Digital Engineering” groups are all part of the “Engineering” department. But, when they select that the “Engineering” department needs to be CC’d on a ticket, I want it to select all of those other groups on the interface. I want it to not allow the user to uncheck one of these subgroups without unchecking the master group first.

I.E. - user says “This is really important - I need all 2000 people in the engineering department to know about it… Oh wait - no, digital engineering doesn’t need to know. And plant engineering really doesn’t need to know either…” or, on the flipside… “I need to let all 4 of these groups know what I’m doing - why can’t I just check one box and let the entire department know??? This thing sucks, I’m not using it anymore.”

Any guidance is very much appreciated.