Help with 2 issues

Hello Folx

Hoping someone can help me with two issues:

  1. I cannot properly reply to email from RT. Instead of parsing the id from the subject and adding to an existing ticket, it creates a new one.

I have set ReplyToTicket both on the queue and as a global right for requestor, owner, everyone, priv, and non-priv. Not sure what else to look at for this point.

  1. I have added several RT::Logger->debug(msg) statements and have:

Set($LogToSysLog, ‘debug’);

in my, but I never get any output to the log. I get other RT msgs just not the debug lines I have added.

Any help is appreciated. I am really hoping I am missing something stupid. :slight_smile:



Does Everyone has also the right to CreateTicket?
Also, does the reply was the RT number {$Ticket->id} in the subject?

beer wrote: