Help setting up an work flow in RT4


I am trying to set up a work flow with RT4.0.2. I am following the example
in the wiki ( but am having a
bit of trouble getting it to work. I have a fresh install of RT4.0.2 on
CentOS 6.

I have gotten the template to work after I removed all leading spaces, but I
can’t get the scrip to work.

When I create a ticket in the “Installation” queue (I followed the example
to the letter) I can see scrip3 and scrip4 being called, but not the scrip
that should run when the custom field “Power” is set to “Required”.
When I try to change the setting in an already existing ticket I can see
that the custom condition “FieldRequired” is reporting an error:
“Can’t locate RT/Condition/ in @INC

As the example mentions RT3.4.2, I figured that this scrip might not work on
But i really have no idea how to adapt it properly.

I removed all leading spaces in the file, but that did not
do the trick.

Can anyone help me with this, or point me in the right direction on how to
set this up in RT4?