HeldBy Database Field // RT:Assets DB Schema


I’m looking for the “HeldBy” field in the database. Is it somewhere linked directly to the asset or is the only way via the transactions?

The reasons I’m asking is, I want to build a sql-query that shows every asset which is held by a specific person.
(Get all assets where user “123” is in the “HeldBy” field.)

Also is there an updated RT Database Schema?
The only one I found is without RT:Assets (Schema - Request Tracker Wiki)

Which version of RT are you on?

For SQL I believe you’d need the Asset ID, then check the Groups table and find the HeldBy group for your asset, then you can check the GroupMembers table for your HeldBy group.

If you’re on an older version of RT ( not 5> ) then there is this extension:

I’m on version 5.0.0 and this works :smiley:
Thank you! :slight_smile:

On version 5 you can search assets like you can tickets!