Having keywords show up in ticket search

Has anyone out there found a way to have the keywords for a ticket show up
in the search page (at the top, replacing the “Told” column with Keywords)?

I’m trying to do this by using the WebOptions in config.pm, but I’m not having
much luck. Instead of the keywords, I’m getting a hyphen.

I have this in the QueueListingCols array:

   { Header => 'Keywords',
            TicketAttribute => 'QueueObj->KeywordSelects->KeywordObj'

I’ve even tried to put
KeywordObj->RelativePath(QueueObj->KeywordSelects->Next->KeywordObj) in as
the TicketAttribute, but that yields the same results as the above one.

Basically, I’m trying to replicate the Area column from RT 1.0.

Thanks in advance for any help.

-Grant Miller grant@pico.apple.com

Unix Systems Admin, Engineering Compute Services, Apple Computer