Having Installation Problem

VERSION: 1.0.2
SYSTEM: SunOS olympus 5.7 Generic_106541-08 sun4m sparc SUNW,SPARCstation-20
PERL: 5.0 patchlevel 4 subversion 4
BROWSER: netscape 4.61

We have recently installed RT on our local Texas servers. (The version
we used to check it out was in California and it was 1.0.2.pre2)
We are experiencing a problem that is most likely a configuration issue.

When we login to admin-webrt we get the “Main Menu”.
Then if we try to configure anything it brings us back to the login
screen. In monitoring what it was doing we see that it is saying it
is passing the cookie on but actually is not.

I have read through the rt-users mail archive but find nothing of this

Here is the output from the http logs:

Using cookies auth
We’ve done FORMbased auth. now we’re setting cookies
Set-Cookie: RT_PASSWORD=0e4d32bd9f7257ce42a491304c1203c7; domain=ambia; path=/rt/admin-webrt.cgi
Set-Cookie: RT_USERNAME=root; domain=ambia; path=/rt/admin-webrt.cgi; expires=Mon, 18-Sep-2000 15:49:48 GMT
Name: root Pass: 0e4d32bd9f7257ce42a491304c1203c7
Password validation successful!
Using cookies auth
Name: Pass:
No name provided. forcing login

The Password validation successful! is directly after the login.
The next Using cookies auth happens when I try to do a Create or
Modify of anything.

I know I am being a pain with all my questions. Your patience with
me is really appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

I have read through the rt-users mail archive but find nothing of this

I guess this is a classical login problem. It can be multiple reasons for
this. Check the FAQ (Q4.1: When I use webrt, it comes up with “You are
not logged in” or “No valid RT credentials found”. What’s going on?).

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