GroupService RT3

We have recently migrated from RT1 to RT 3.0.7_01.
I’m looking to implement functionality described in

Is anyone using it with RT 3.0.7_01?



Scenario described below matches exactly our environment needs. I have
found several posts
in the archives re: GroupService on RT2. Is there a similar solution
available on RT3?
(we are running RT 3.0.7_01)


Witold Koziel


Author: Harald Kollera

What is it?

Our customers are competitors and they don’t want that others see their
problems and we don’t want our customers see our internal
tickets. But all tickets are about the same product, so it is impossible
to handle a lot of different queues.

The solution was to create a new kind of user between unprivileged and
privileged, so called underprivileged users or unprivileged groups.

All the users of a group share a nickname beginning with X_ and they are
unprivileged. When logging in they get a new interface with a button
"show group tickets". So they can see all their own tickets as well as
the tickets their X_ group has requested, but nothing else. This works
in the modified search interface.
But using the normal groups and privileges for groups it is possible to
manage also sub-groups within the X_ groups.

To handle this I added a new interface GroupService (copied from
SelfService) and changed the autohandler a little bit.