Groups in Query Builder (Group Type)


In the query builder one of the search criteria you can use is Owner Group, Requestor Group, CC Group, Admin CC Group or Watcher Group and then you must input the NAME of the group. The fact that you need to use the name of the group in the search indicates/implies that when creating a group you can give it a name and also specify what TYPE of group it is eg Admin CC group.

NOTE: The functionality in Query Builder is clear and simple, it allows you to specify a group as a search parameter. What’s confusing is that you need to specify the TYPE of group before you specify the name of said group which implies that this is important or you would simply specify the name of the group.

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You are searching for tickets where the group who’s name you are inputing is the AdminCc/Requestor/Owner group, it also looks like if a member of that group is something like Owner than that ticket will come back as well.