Group rights to view another group's dashboards

All my users are in the Employee group.
Some of the users are in the support group.
I would like all users to be able to see the Support Group’s Dashboards.

In group rights for Support group I have given the Employee group all the same rights as the Support group.

I have also checked that the Employee group has all the other global rights for dashboards.

However, I can not find any way to allow the Employee group to see the Support group Dashboards. It seems like it should be simple, just add it in the group rights, but that doesn’t work.

The way I do it, is to become a member of the dashboard’s group. But if you want the users to also remain in separate groups, maybe you can create a “master” group that has the dashboards, and add the support and employee groups as members of the master group.

│ Master group (with shared dashboards)│
        │                       │
        │                       │
        │                       │
        │                       │
        │                       │
  ┌─────┴────────┐      ┌───────┴─────┐
  │Employee group│      │Support group│
  └──────────────┘      └─────────────┘