GraphViz module missing

I’m installing a new RT instance using 5.0.3 and wanted to include GraphViz support with --enable-graphviz. But it looks like the GraphViz module no longer exists on CPAN. It’s apparently been replaced by GraphViz2. When I try to run ‘make fixdeps’ it fails since it can’t find it.

I guess I just shouldn’t use --enable-graphviz?

feature 'graphviz' => sub {
    requires 'GraphViz2';
    requires 'IPC::Run', '>= 0.90';

From the code, it looks like this is the case as of December 2022. So maybe just make this change to the etc/cpanfile!

I don’t think that will work. When I search through the 5.0.3 source it 'require’s GraphViz, not GraphViz2:

[root@devrt rt-5.0.3]# grep -R GraphViz .
./t/security/CVE-2011-5092-graph-links.t:    unless GraphViz->require;
./lib/RT/            return if GraphViz->require;
./lib/RT/Graph/    require GraphViz;
\ack 'GraphViz' lib                                                                                                                             12:09:17
823:    DisableGraphViz => {
830:            return if GraphViz2->require;
831:            $RT::Logger->debug("You've enabled GraphViz, but we couldn't load the module: $@");
832:            $self->Set( DisableGraphViz => 1 );

60:unless ($RT::DisableGraphViz) {
61:    require GraphViz2;
62:    GraphViz2->import;
316:        $args{'Graph'} = GraphViz2->new(

Yeah you’re right looks like 5.0-trunk changes this in multiple places

OK. It’s not anything essential to get things going. I’ll just make a note to add it when the next release is out and it’s time to upgrade.