Global Group Permissions Changed


Has anyone ever encountered the RT system (or some related system - e.g.
mysql) changing permissions on various groups/users?

Yesterday we noticed our system was bouncing mails from people trying to
reply to tickets - and as it turned out the “ReplyToTicket” ACL on our
global “Everyone” group had been removed. Going through apache logs
shows no one using the admin interface (I’m the only one with access),
nor did anyone log into the actual unix box.

Incidently, our error_log did note an error just before problems started
happening (coincidence or not, hard to narrow down since it doesn’t
timestamp). The last errors I know are new are:

Qmail-inject: fatal: unable to parse this line:
WebRT: No ticket specified ()

That To: line obviously has a wrong address, probably a user mistyping -
but could the user:domain instead of user@domain have caused problems?

I can’t reproduce the error, but it’s the only odd thing I see in the
error log (which is hardly ever logged to).

Anyone ever see anything like this happen to them?