Global configuratiopn for AdminCc's

We have been using RT 3.4.4 on Oracle 9 (whatever) since it came out and
I’m just now thinking “why set up AdminCc privileges for each Queue when
I can do it Globally”? Dumb, I know. I should have thought of it before.
Now, as I go about doing this, I noticed that at the Queue level, there
is no “SeeConfigTab” right but there is at the Global level. When I
removed all rights from the AdminCc role in all Queues and set up the
Global privileges for AdminCc and applied the “SeeConfigTab” right, my
AdminCc’s (those users set up as an AdminCc watcher for each respective
Queue) could not see the configuration option on their screens. Why is
that? When I had them set up individually for each Queue, I had to give
the individual user (the one named as AdminCc watcher in that Queue)
that right as a user because it wasn’t offered at the Queue level for
AdminCcs. However, since it is at the global level I figured that would
suffice. So what am I missing? Is there another right that must be
granted in conjunction with the “SeeConfigTab” privilege?

Kenn Crocker