Giving web-based RT access to regular users like

Here’s the way we’ve been using RT:

  • Admins and support staff use the web interface to make comments,
    reply to users, change the status of tickets, etc

  • Regular users interact w/ RT via email: they don’t know about the
    web interface, don’t have a password to access it, etc

I thought this was the normal way to use RT, but, when I emailed (which uses RT), I got back an auto-reply (as
expected), but also a password to log into

Of course, the only ticket I can see if my own, and I can’t change its
status, assign the ticket to someone (or even see the list of people I
could theoretically assign it to), etc. I’m also guessing I wouldn’t
be able to see comments, only replies.

How do I set my RT queue up to do this: the first time someone creates
a ticket, email them a username (their email address) and password to
let them see the status of their ticket (+ any future tickets they

Is this an add-on/hack, or standard, supported RT functionality.

We’re just a Bunch Of Regular Guys, a collective group that’s trying
to understand and assimilate technology. We feel that resistance to
new ideas and technology is unwise and ultimately futile.

Login has what you’re
looking for.