Getting up and running with RT

I’m trying to get RT 2.0.14 to work on Solaris 8 with
Apache 1.3.26. All the Perl modules are loaded, as
evidenced by make testdeps. The make install for RT
ran flawlessly. I made the recommended changes to
the httpd.conf file for the Apache server.

However, when trying to set my browser to the DocRoot
of the machine, I get a 500 internal server error.

The error log for Apache displays the following:

[Wed Aug 21 13:32:25 2002] [error] Can’t call method
“handle_request” on an undefined value at
/export/home/rt2/bin/ line 170, line

I’ve been battling with this for too long now. My
company wants an alternative to Siebel, but I can’t
even get to the nitty-gritty configuration yet due
to this stumbling block.

Your timely responses are appreciated. Thanks in

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