Getting RT to set a correct sendmail envelope sender

Hi all

I’ve a bit a problem I don’t understand.

Usualy you set the envelope sender in sendmail by specifying:

Easy I tought and added:

$SendmailArguments=“-oi -t -ODeliveryMode=b -OErrorMode=m”;

but this had no effect so next try:

$SendmailArguments=“ -oi -t -ODeliveryMode=b

Argh: sendmail now uses

Next try:

$SendmailArguments=‘ -oi -t -ODeliveryMode=b
$SendmailArguments=“\ -oi\ -t\ -ODeliveryMode=b

Still the problem stays the same.

What the hell goes wrong?

If I type manualy:

sendmail -oi -t -ODeliveryMode=b -OErrorMode=mFrom:
Subject: Test


this works perfectly.

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