Getting Logging Configured + Extra Questions

Hello everyone!

I’m new here, but essentially- I’m on RT 5.0.3, and we have it running near perfectly on Nginx. We can create assets and alter the site. Every now and then we run into an issue where we get a 502 error thrown. For example, we used to have one when we assigned/created a ticket with the Root user but figured out the hard way how to fix it.

I did insert the following within, though no logs seem to appear in tmp afterward.

Set($LogToFile,      'debug');
Set($LogToFileNamed, 'rt.log');
Set($LogDir,         '/tmp');

I’m happy to share anything file-wise, hoping that I’m just missing something apparent and it’s clear to anyone in particular. I would love to set up logs correctly so I’m not bugging this forum every time I’m running into an issue. I apologize for being a beginner!

A few extra questions:

  • How does one alter the CSS that isn’t in their no code option? There are various page elements I was wondering on altering, but I am slightly unfamiliar with perl.
  • Are there any good forum posts/resources for configuring Entra ID Authentication? Or for setting up the option where someone can email a certain address, and auto ticket configuration occurs?

Thank you for parsing over this!

Have a great day.

I answered your other thread about the logs, so with regards to the other two questions: