Get ticket content message using RT::Extension::REST2

Hi All, i want how to get the content of ticket using the id. I am able to get the ticket infos like subject, created date, due date, the ownet,… But i can’t see the ticket content in the json data sent by the API.

You can take a look at this documentation:

Seems ticket/id/history will work

Thanks for your help. But i think that the REST2 API not work with RT 5. I tried to use them to gether and i got a notification like RT Extension REST2 not compatible with RT5. Now i am using the RT4.4 with REST2 Extension and i am not able to get the ticket content. Thanks again for your support

Rest2 is core in RT 5 so you can remove the plugin line enabling the plug-in

Ok thanks tha is good i will exploit this path