Get list of dashboards

Hi all,

I’m trying to redirect the login page to the first dashboard in the
user’s home menu.

I’ve put the callback in autohandler/SuccessfulLogin and if i set
$dashid manually it redirects correctly.

I’ve tried two ways of getting the dashboard list copied from the
codebase in Elements/ShowDashboards or ElemantsListOfDashboards and
while the callback runs ok, clearly $dashboards does not contain any


use RT::Dashboards;
#my $sys = RT::System->new( $session{‘CurrentUser’} );
#my $dashboards = RT::Dashboards->new( $RT::SystemUser );
#$dashboards->LimitToPrivacy(‘RT::System-’ . $sys->id);

my $dashboards=RT::Dashboards->new($session{‘CurrentUser’});
my $dashboard=$dashboards->Next;
my $dashid=$dashboard->Id;
#my $dashid=12;
$RedirectTo => undef

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