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I am new on this list and I did not find a solution to our problem in the mailing list’s archive, sorry I have overlooked something.

We have just started using RT and are generally quite happy with our setup. We provide a web interface for one support queue that generates tickets, this works well. However, we occasionally want to open a case based on a mail we have received from a user (who does not have an RT account).

Forwarding the mail to RT works but the content of tickets generated in this way is awkward to read due to the indentations (quoted text). “Redirecting” the mail (an option of our mail client) yields a properly formatted mail, also it sets the original author as requestor - which we find useful. Unfortunately, it requires that “everybody” needs to have the right to create tickets. Is it possible to work around this problem, e.g. have RT check that the redirected mail was originally sent to one of RT’s regular users?

Many thanks in advance for any help with this,
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Welcome to the list :slight_smile:

In general, an unprivileged user needs “create” rights on the incoming
queue (the one where RT mail is send to).
This is the best way to have e-mail from non users to be received/created
by RT.

After that your regular users are then required to send e-mail to your RT
address and it should all be good.

However, there are moments where e-mail gets send to a personal e-mail
address where it should have gone into RT (or something like that). In
those cases the best way that we’ve found is to redirect the specific
e-mail to RT’s e-mail address. That way RT will receive the mail as if it
was initially meant for RT and the original requestor gets an AutoReply
with his/her ticket number.

This redirect feature is something most e-mail clients support, for
ThunderBird you need this plugin ( ). With
Apple’s mail client it’s a button which you can add to your interface
(feature is build in, you can see it in the menu under Message →
Redirect). And last but not least, for MS Outlook you’ll have to use the
option “Resend e-mail/message” ( some more info: ).

Doing the redirect instead of a forward makes sure that the original e-mail
stays in tact, the requestor is set to the person initially sending the
e-mail, and the requestor will receive an AutoReply with his/her ticket
number for future reference.

For as far as I know this is the cleanest way of achieving this.

– Bart

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