General discussion about Approvals (and more)

Hello everyone…

Here is what I understand about Approvals, since it looks like everybody can
approve any ticket we have to set up a special “approval” queue and give
modify ticket privilege to only one guy, the approver. I want to use the
already provided ___Approvals queue (hidden queue) to do this. IS THIS OK?
Should I try to use the ___Approvals queue for that? I created this template
in another queue to start up the approval mechanism:

===Create-Ticket: approval
Depended-On-By: TOP
Queue: ___Approvals
Type: Approval
Content: Someone has made a request that needs your approval

It is (almost) working… I often get these error messages which prevent
correct behaviour of all the scrips:

Oct 2 20:10:01 itchy RT: RT::Scrip=HASH(0x97024c8): Couldn’t prepare User

It looks like something is wrong in the “User Defined” part of the scrip,
but those are DEFAULT RT scrips (from que ___Approvals queue). Anyone ever
had these messages cause I had them in my previous RT setup (different
version, different queues, different scrips)…

Anyway, I think we should all post our scrips templates to help each other
out cause we are all trying to get this thing to work but the documentation
is flawed (see the TOP example) and we all discover all this by ourselves…
so please post your scrips and templates and general setups… I’m sure we
would all gain from that…