GD Dependancy for RT 3.6.3

I am attempting to install RT 3.6.3 on Gentoo. It is failing and
tells me the perl GD module is missing, but CPAN and portage tell me
that I have GD version 2.35 installed.

Here what I have done:

  1. I searched teh list archives and managed to find a similar issue
    at thread:


This user appears to not have received an answer to her post. I
emailed her directly in hopes of receiving an answer, but have not
gotten one yet.

  1. I found other posts that address the issue of RT thinking a newer
    module does not satisfy the dependency it wants. THe solution in
    this thread was to install any way and it would still work.

So my questions are:
A) Can anyone tell me what version of GD RT wants so I can install
that version.
B) How can I force install RT and attempt to use the version of GD I
have installed, if Above is not possible ?

Thank You!