Fw: sla due date resets on status change


I have set up a range of SLAs which work reasonable well ie setting a DUE
DATE based on level of SLA and defined hours of support

However if we over-ride the DUE DATE (because of client
interaction/agreement) and then the STATUS of a ticket changes afterwards,
RT automatically changes the DUE DATE back to the original.

Is this expected behaviour?

Is there anything I can do to make the manual over-ride due date remain on
the ticket?

We have the following statuses

   initial         => [ 'new' ],

    active          => [ 'open', 'stalled', '3rd-party', 'client',

‘development’, ‘testing’, ‘release’ ],

    inactive        => [ 'resolved', 'rejected', 'deleted' ],

and in terms of SLA time should not be ‘counted down’ if the status is
Stalled/ 3rd Party/ Client/ testing.

We have tried introducing “IgnoreStatuses” for these statuses within the SLA
Config file but could not get that to work either

Has anyone got 'IgnoreStatuses2 to work? Or how else to people deal with a
stop the clock function?

Many thanks

S Ainsley