FW: On correspond doesn't send mail

Scripts are ok, and it’s not the actor problem…

What do your logs say?
You can activate them in siteconfig, there is also the path where the log is saved.

SAmuelFrom: Jean-Yan Beube [mailto:jeany.berube@adsinc.ca]
Sent: Wednesday,07 April,2004 19:34
To: Senoner Samuel
Subject: RE: [rt-users] On correspond doesn’t send mail

Sorry, it wasn’t clear enough.

The requestor sends an email to RT.

RT creates a ticket, and notify the requestor (Autoreply)

I log into the web interface, and I add a reply to this ticket, but no email is sent to the requestor.

I have these scrips activated:
On Correspond Open Tickets with template Blank On Create Autoreply To Requestors with template Autoreply On Create Notify AdminCcs with template Transaction On Correspond Notify AdminCcs with template Admin Corresponde On Correspond Notify Requestors and Ccs with template Correspondence On Correspond Notify Other Recipients with template Correspondence On Comment Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Admin Comment On Comment Notify Other Recipients as Comment with template Correspondence On Resolve Notify Requestors with template Resolved On Owner Change Notify Owner with template Autoreply On Transaction Notify Requestors and Ccs with template Correspondence

Is the problem in my scrips?