Fw: Missing queue information on RT3

As requested by Jesse.

KeithFrom: Keith Bolam
To: ‘jesse@bestpractical.com’ jesse@bestpractical.com
Sent: Wed Dec 09 15:21:21 2009
Subject: Re: [rt-users] Missing queue information on RT3

The version is 3.8 trunk.
And I have tweaked the domain of the groups to be RT: system from Userdefined and the problem went away. I added another queue and no queues were displayed for non-root users.
I performed the same sql tweak and logged back in as the ‘any’ user and the other’ user and the queues re-appeared.

So the issue seams to be solely related to the group domain for non root users.

Thanks for the quick response

FYI - I have opened the test system to a limited number of users today and only have an upload / attach issue. To resolve. other than that everything is working well now I have made a couple of changes to core RT code and written the Ingres.pm SearchBuilder module.

I have also added the last_insert_id() to the Ingres.pm DBI driver. This needs to be fed back to the community.

If you van find an explanation for the missing queues that would be great.