FW: Determine who resolved how many tickets

I’m looking to baseline the performance of my team against the number of tickets they have resolved in RT over a given time. To do this I export the month’s tickets from RT into Excel (queue, status=resolved and last updated by)

I then use Excel to do a countif to produce my figures.

The problem is, I could really do with using a “resolved by” calculation, rather then last updated by, as last updated by is not always the person who initially resolved the ticket.

Any thoughts please?


First thing I would mention is why export to excel? Build your search, run it, then choose the Chart option, and on the lower left you can rebuild the chart using Last Updated by Real Name and it’ll make a nice bar chart.

That doesn’t solve your “resolved by” problem though. Since it’s not there by default (which I agree would be nice, and I’ve had dept managers ask me for the same thing), you could add a custom field and populate it when the ticket is resolved, then choose it in the Chart I mention above. If you limit your charting to a single queue, that CF will show up (or I guess any number of queues that CF appears in, but I haven’t tested that).