Fw: added row in search page

Have a look at “%WebOptions=” in config.pm to extend/modify the search

Thank you for your tips. I already saw something like that on the RT

Is there a doc or something on the format of %WebOptions and what can we
do with that?

For direct TicketTransaction, it’s easy to add field, but I want to add
row that are in the keyword of a queue, is it possible? How to do that?
Is there doc? I took a look at the doc graph of different structure and
I so no link beween keyword and other table.

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I have a queue with Keywords like BugClass that is A B C or D, and a
CategoryName like Graphics, Audio, Code and so on.
I can search bugs of a specific BugClass (A for instance) but it’s
not interesting. I would like to know if it’s possible to add rows
the search page and sort them with this new row. For example, I want
list all bug and sort them by BugClass and see the BugClass value in
BugClass row.


Id Subject Requestor(s) Status Queue Told Age Last Owner
10 test nono new test - - - Nobody
11 test nono new test - - - Nobody


Id Subject Requestor(s) … Age Last Owner Take BugClass
11 test nono … - - Nobody Take A
10 test nono … - - Nobody Take B

I think it s not possible to do that with the web configuration
page, so