Fun with the mail interface


We have a certain cadre of people here who prefer mail interfaces to web
interfaces. I’ve been exploring the RT’s mail interface recently as an
antidote to their complaints, and it seems to mostly work. The only
problem that I see is that I get an unspecified error message every time
the interface is used – RT performs the desired action, but also
complains that there has been an error. For example, I send:


And i get a notification that the request has been resolved, and then I
get another email:

There has been an error:
There has been an error with your request:

Your message is reproduced below:

We are using qmail on our main mail server, which forwards mail for RT to
our staff server, running sendmail, in case that helps. Thanks…

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Is there a User’s Guide to the mail interface somewhere? I’m using RT
1.0.3. I’ve found the help section in rt/ui/mail/, but it
just lists command syntax with little discussion of how that interface
should be used.

What I would like to be able to do is simply reply to a ticket I
received via email, include the %RT RESOLVE command in the message along
with whatever response I want logged and sent to the requester. I can’t
seem to get RT to understand the RESOLVE command so I figure I’m missing
a step somewhere along the line. It accepts my User ID and password
just fine.


Bryan Thale
Motorola Labs, Networking and Infrastructure Research