Fulltext indexed search and IP addresses

Dear community,

I’m a bit puzzled how to search for indexed IP addresses in the search of RT.

If I search the index via MySQL, I get a reasonable result:

MariaDB [rt5]> SELECT id FROM FulltextIndex WHERE Content Like "%";
| id     |
|  10670 |
| 100253 |
11 rows in set (2.441 sec)

If I use the search in any imaginable combination, I get way too many results:, ‘’, “”, fulltext:, all give 7188 tickets.

What would be the right way to search for an IP address?


Since the IPs are stashed in custom fields you can definitely do:

Queue = 'Incident Reports' AND CF.{IP} = ''

If you want to use the fulltext index search I believe you can switch off the “indexed” flag for your config:

Set( %FullTextSearch,
    Enable     => 1,
    Indexed    => 0,
    Table      => 'AttachmentsIndex',

Hi and thanks for the ideas.
Those IPs are not necessarily bound to incidents/investigations, so I’ll be missing many results with this search.
Also, as the index has the correct result (see the DB query on the index), I wouldn’t want to turn the Indexed search off.

My suspicion is that the search form doesn’t have a way to translate the search expression of an IP address to WHERE Content Like “%”.

Is there any other idea how to deal with this limitation on the search for IP addresses?