From field in Reply (Correspond)

I�ve got 2.0.8 to run under SuSe-Linux after a couple of system clean-ups.

Running RT with 5 Queues, I�ve setup From: and Reply-To: in
Config->Queues->queuename->Basics for each queue to a unique name - e.g.
support@ourdomain -, but every mail out of RT comes from Apache�s uid
"nobody" to the requestors, independent of �sendmail� or �sendmailpipe�.

Also, changing the global From: in etc/ has no effect.
(yes, I�ve stopped and started apache manually)

I don�t know, wether my search is in the right place:
In lib/RT/Action/ I found the settings of the header fields,
but no “From:” field is generated.

Any suggestions or hinnts ?

Thank you in advance,
Werner Schulthei�