Freebsd install instructions (Mike Vidal)

I wrote up FreeBSD install notes here:

However in retrospect I could have completely skipped all of the CPAN
and other configuration steps I went through and let the port do most of
the work for me.
I tried the port method recently on a test box (after updating ports &
perl) and I was amazed at how well it handled installing all of the
dependencies (including installing a base apache).

I’m learning and sharing what little I know as I go along, but this is
what works for me:

(bonus: - update kernel source disabling unused drivers - use
/etc/make.conf to have best cflag options - a great book for this
“Absolute BSD” by Michael Lucas)

  1. update ports (details in
  2. update perl (details above)
  3. cd /usr/ports/www/rt3 ; make ; make install (if you want to use ssl
    point it to correct apache port in makefile)
  4. reboot
  5. edit /usr/local/rt3/etc/ (see notes in previous post:
    you probably also want to set rt-database username and password also)
  6. cd /usr/ports/www/rt3/work ; make initialize-database
    One thing I was confused about was why “make initiialize-database”
    failed when I was in /usr/ports/www/rt3 , but after I cd’d into this
    /usr/ports/www/rt3/work it ran successfully.
  7. edit /etc/aliases and /usr/local/etc/apache/httpd.conf (details in
    previous post)
  8. login as “root”, password:“password” to web interface,
    Configuration:Global:Group Rights:Everybody (Create Ticket, Reply to
    Ticket, Comment on Ticket) or do this on a queue-by-queue basis as you
    see fit. Now sending email to rt alias (specificed in /etc/aliases)
    should create a ticket.

Best Wishes,