Forms for Ticket Creation?

Anybody seen anything that allows you to create a custom Form for Ticket

For example, I have a master queue that I just want to create a ticket
that says “Blah”, so I want to enforce that it’s just a text string, not
too long, etc, and then creation of that ticket will spawn the creation
of the various linked tickets that are required because of their
relationship to Blah.

For example, say I have a queue HR::NewHire, so adding a ticket to
HR::NewHire spawns tickets to IT to create accounts, Maintenance to get
him/her keys, Payroll to collect W4’s, I-9’s, etc. All nicely linked
together in the depends on/depended on by relationships, etc…

Right now I do it out of a Perl script/CGI but it’s in a separate area
of the server, and I would like to integrate it directly into the RT on
a per queue basis.

I thought about using CF’s, but I’ll get people typing in the body and
such, and I still have to validate the content of the CF…

Any thoughts?

Jaye Mathisen, Lil Pantry

mrcpu.vcf (166 Bytes)