Forgot admin password of RT

I once logged in RT4 through admin account with default password (Password) and later on changed the admin password. Now I forgot the password of that account. I have also installed plugin RT-Extension-ResetPassword and used this feature to reset my admin account too but couldn’t succeed.

Please help me in recovering password of username ‘admin’

Thank you.

The admin username is ‘root’, not ‘admin’. Perhaps you’re just using the wrong username? If you really mean ‘admin’, then the first thing is to log in as ‘root’ and change 'admin’s password. If you’re unable to do that, you’ll have to update the password at a database terminal or run a script at a shell terminal. Please confirm the username, and from there we can help more.

Example setup for 4.4.3 Update

7) Configure the web server, as described in [docs/web_deployment.pod](, and the email gateway, as described below. 

NOTE: The default credentials for RT are: 

User: **root** Pass: password 

Not changing the root password from the default is a **SECURITY** risk! 

Thank you, I got the solution by your suggestion.