First working rights schema for public support queues

I wrote success subj. You can read it at:

Resent cool changes on wiki:

  1. Good tip for apache config in FedoraInstallGuide
  2. FAQ note about “Best suited distro for RT”

Topic request: There is still uncovered FAQ “Extracting Custom Fields,
priorities and etc from incoming Emails”. Please, somebody take this, it
would be very helpful for all. You can scan archives and group/cleanup
suggestions on one page. If you are going to do it check it here so
other wait for your first commit.

	Best regards. Ruslan.

PS: wiki can slowdown ML traffic, reasking. It’s good shared docs. use
it, send users to it, fill it. If you see same question asked more then
four times and think it’ll be asked more and more then fill answer in
FAQ and answer with link to requestor.