First time login fails


I’m having a little trouble getting off the ground with a basic install of
RT 3.4.5. I’m installing it on a Fedora Core 4 box. After first trying to
install from source and never quite getting all the mod_perl dependencies
straightened out, I deleted that and tried the RPM instructions from the
wiki. Now I at least have Apache and mod_perl up and running, and I have the
initial login screen. However, I can’t seem to login as ‘root’ for the first
time to start setting things up.

One departure from the instructions I made was to comment out the SSL config
lines in rt.conf. Will having that commented out cause a problem either now
or down the road?

Another anomaly I’ve noticed is that in apache’s error_log, the “FAILED
LOGIN for root” messages are timestamped UTC, whereas the normal apache
stop/restart messages are timestamped local time. I set the time zone in my Any thoughts on what could be wrong there?