First steps after setup configuring queues

Hello guys,

I have a very superficial question. I have a hard time setting up the RT. I need help setting up the first queue, the incoming mail is in an external POP mailbox which should be fetched with fetchmail. Is there a manual or can someone explain to me how I get the emails in RT for idiots?

I am grateful for every tip.

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There are some examples on the wiki ( They could be dated though ) but basically you just give fetchmail credentials to login and point the email to go into the rt-mailgate tool as your MDA:

poll    proto pop3:
 username rt             password mypw1   mda "/usr/rt/bin/rt-mailgate --url --queue General --action correspond"

Thank you for your help. I setted up fetchmail succesfully, it takes the mails from my POP-Boxes.
I have the Mailgateway configured as MDA and the input works (no errors?) But the Email does not open in RT as a ticket.

Do i have something more to configure?

Do you see any messages in the RT log? If Mail is making it into RT I’d guess the user emailing in doesn’t have the RT rights to create a ticket

You are right, thank you so much!

The permission for opening a ticket wasnt set. I corrected that, now it works.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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