First Install -- Mail not going out correctly


Just set up all the dependencies and have RT installed (5.0.5)

The problem:
Email is going out like this:

Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=“----------=_1711136482-24309-1”
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2024 15:41:22 -0400
Message-ID: rt-5.0.5-24309-1711136482-1760.1-7-0@Intellasoft
From: “The default queue via RT” <>

The From: is invalid and has no domain name, or email address associated… so our mail server is blocking this.

There are no instructions as part of the installation that I’ve seen that address this problem. How does one tell RT to use a valid From address in outgoing email?


Hi. Check:

I’ve configured also OverrideOutgoingMailFrom for specific queues.

But I’ve some issues with sending mails too. Dashboards subscriptions are not being sent because the sender is www-data@myservername (myservername is just an example, it’s not the domain, only the server name). Comments, assignements, reminders,… are working OK.

The queue itself should have set some correspondence and comment address. Also some variables in should be set:

Set($CorrespondAddress , '');
Set($CommentAddress , '');

Set($WebDomain, '');
Set($WebPort, 443);

Set($WebBaseURL , "");

Set($rtname, 'EXAMPLE');
Set($Organization, '');

Thanks for your comment. I’ve review documentation for $rtname and $Organization. I’ve changed them in my sandbox to the domain name following the advice in documentation (be careful, this breaks links between tickets and other stuff).