Finally my doc to LDAP

<<>> He <<masonrequestforldap.diff>> re
<<autohandlerforldap.diff>> the files I have for LDAP authentication by
Webinterface and Mail.
EmailParser_Local is to put in /RT/
LDAPMail in /RT/Interface/Email/Auth/
You can put the new autohandler in local.

The EmailParser contains the core of the ldap import, where you define
your LDAP server and so on…
The diff for the autohandler is needed for the import of UserDefais
while the creation during a web login if needed.
This calls RT:EmailParser, and to do this you need to use Emailparser in
Mason, this is the mason Diff.
In RTSiteconfig you have to insert this few lines to execute Ldapmail.
LDAPmail is a modified mailfrom, but I will take a look at that, perhaps
it is possible to change directly mailfrom, because I already send a
ticket that there are some strange things about user creation by mail
and externaldb

In the LDAP import sub I import the details I entered in my Active
directory and wich I can use in RT.
I worked many times on it, so a couple of things may be missing, or
without sense.
Anyway the import called by autohandler should work fine.

Please send me feedback and suggestions to this files.

Thank you

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