Filter incoming messages into queues

Dear list,

I needed to make a message filter for my incoming mail so that it gets sorted
into different queues. I thought I could use the “keywords” feature but it
turns out that it is useful for sorting mail AFTER it is recieved and not
BEFORE. I did the following hack in the file “/opt/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate” and
inserted the following code:

### 4/9/03 incoming mail to support queue is filtered ###

if ($Queue eq “support”) {

if ($Subject =~ /Request Type 1/) {

 $Queue = "fkey1";

} elsif ($Subject =~ /Request Type 2/) {

 $Queue = "fkey2";

} elsif ($Subject =~ /Request Type 3/) {

 $Queue = "fkey3";



end of hack

The hack is simple enough to maintain but I hope a web interface and database
support of a feature that does something like this gets inserted with the
new release. Thanks.

Rene L. Pongco Jr.

Sr. Soft. Eng.

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