Fetchmail some messages skipped over


I am using EX2016 and not O365. My question is regards to fetchmail retriving some messages and skipping over others:

I have in fetchmail conf: no keep stated and seems its working mostly (most e-mail get polled), but:
fetchmail: 2 messages (2 seen) for asdfg@asdf.ee at asdfg@asdf.ee

If i send there random mail from myself it arrives nicely, but once over 100 emails 1 gets stuck. (right now there are 2 stuck).

I am using IMAP. Also using Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS. Also using latest RT and latest Fetchmail.

Maybe the mails, that are stuck, are marked as read ?

You can try the fetchmail switch “nokeep” to delete the imported emails, in conjunction with the switch “fetchall” to force importing of read messages.

Be careful with those switches, test them on a test mailbox first.

Find below a fetchmail configuration example for a mailbox :

user "mailbox@example.com"
pass "ThisIsTheMailboxPassword"
is root
mda "/opt/rt5/bin/rt-mailgate --no-verify-ssl --queue 'MyQueue' --action correspond --url https://localhost/"