Feature request: recursive keyword searches (was Keyword concept confusion

Jesse suggested this be posted on rt-devel.

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Subject: Re: [rt-users] Keyword concept confusion

This is probably really best off on rt-devel :wink:

Adding search-by-recursive-keyword is annoyingly difficult with the
current sysytem.
(It would require enumerating all the children of a keyword and searching
on those
identifiers) The system we’ll have with custom fields in 2.2 will make
this a
trivial operation (that will be built in from the get-go :wink:

Adding a relationships search to the main search UI would definitely be a
welcome addition.


Yes, my fault that it’s not yet online – I haven’t learned the rt/fm
system yet. I believe your question falls under feature requests – I
believe keyword searching is per-item, not recursive.

Marc Hedlund
e: marc at precipice dot org

This would definately be a useful feature. Any idea how much work it

involve? I’m going to be doing some RT hacking in the coming weeks

some scrips to resolve dependent tickets, and a few other items) and

I could add this to the list. Another nice thing to be able to search

would be relationships, for example, show me all the children of request
#100 (which could then be acted on all at once).

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