FastCGI tips

OK, so I decided to live dangerously and try to get FastCGI working with my
RT2.0.14 installation. I previously had mod_perl-1.26 working.

Some gotcha’s that I’ve found that might save some others a little headache.

– Can’t Create Dynamic Directory Error in Apache.

Upon first trying to start Apache, I found these two errors in my Apache
[error] FastCGI: access for server (uid 65534, gid 65534) failed: read not
[error] FastCGI: can’t create dynamic directory “/tmp/fcgi/dynamic”: access
for server (uid 65534, gid 65533) failed: read not allowed.

Upon checking that directory I found that it was owned by my Apache user.
Upon some digging, I found that I needed to declare my apache user and group
ABOVE the FastCgiServer declaration within the same file.

– Remember to setuid perl if you’re using FreeBSD.

chmod u+s /usr/bin/suidperl solved my other errors.

– FastCGI doesn’t like my rt.jpg image.

Figured that fastcgi wasn’t outputting jpegs correctly, so I added this line
to my virtualhost declaration.
Alias /NoAuth/images/rt.jpg /usr/local/rt2/WebRT/html/NoAuth/images/rt.jpg

That line will make it so that jpg doesn’t go through the fastcgi handler.

I apologize if these are common knowledge to those using fcgi, but it
could’ve saved me 45 minutes of debugging and google searching if these had
been in the mailing list archives. :slight_smile:


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